Conversion Array
Liquid Level Sensor

The array type has no moving parts and is capable of being mounted from the top, bottom, or side of a liquid container with 1mm resolution or better with a change in liquid level of up to 10ft. If the sensor is top mounted it determined liquid level up to the top of the tank. The sensor can be self-calibrated with accuracy independent of vibration, changes in temperature, viscosity, density, and aeration. Sensor materials include stainless steel, aluminum or other custom metals, ceramics or glass. The sensor may be fixed to the mounting plate via welds or O-rings. The sensor is capable of self-diagnostics and an alert in event of a fault. Entry hole diameters can be less than 2”. All standard and custom outputs are available.

How The Conversion Array Sensor Works

An Ultrasonic transducer creates a burst of source waves that move through an array of echelons etched into a metal strip. The echelon angle and spacing are chosen to convert a liquid insensitive source wave to a sensing wave that is highly absorbed in a liquid. The sensing waves hit the edge of the sensor, reflect back to the array of echelons where they convert back source waves which then travel back to the ultrasonic transducer. This all stops when the source waves reach a liquid surface, and the time this happens is linearly dependent on liquid level . The way the waves behave in the part of the sensor immersed in the liquid can also give information on the density and viscosity of the liquid or liquids. We can also determine the temperature of the liquid. It doesn’t matter to us if the sensor is mounted from the top of the tank with the source waves traveling down or mounted from the base where the source the waves are traveling up, or even the side of the tank.


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