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Providing Commercial Input Devices Since 1999

Texzec was founded in 1988 in Evanston, Illinois, to develop ultrasonic based touchscreens. The original technology including IP was sold to a major corporation in 1994. After assisting in getting the touchscreens into volume production, Texzec then developed a touch switch technology based on acoustic energy trapping. This was purchased by a large international conglomerate in 2006 and again with Texzec assisting in further development of the technology and volume production. Since 2010 Texzec, now based in Round Rock, Texas has developed lower cost and improved performance touchscreens, lower cost touch switches and a line of liquid level sensors. These products are all based on proprietary ultrasonic technology, with a total of 19 issued patents and patents pending.

Our Team

Left a major consumer electronics company as a Director in Research and Development in1988 to found what is now Texzec. Since that time, he has invented, co- invented, and supported the commercialization of multiple sensors based on the properties of ultrasonic waves. He has 30issued patents to date and has published in several refereed engineering and physics journals.

Terry Knowles

Title, Texzec INC

Chris has over 30 years of experience growing technology and manufacturing companies whose missions focus on quality enhancement and improvement. He develops programs with positive impact on acquisition, revenue and retention through aggressive demand generation programs, research and development, and heightened awareness of trends in manufacturing.

Dr. Christopher Kalmus

Title, Texzec INC

Charlie has over 30 years’ experience in research and development then transitioning to the manufacture of ultrasonic sensors as input devices and liquid level sensing. He has designed and implemented unique fabrication methods for high volume sensor production.

Charles Bremigan

Title, Texzec INC

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